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What we do

Are you planning an event? Do you need an entertainer? Do you require equipment for sound and lighting, audio visual, or staging? All these things are vital for the success of your event. However, they can also cause major headaches.

The thing is, though great sound, lighting and entertainment can take your event to the next level, problems like failing equipment and unsuitable entertainers can result in the opposite.
We are here to help.

We do NOT plan events. Instead we work with event planners, large corporates and individuals by finding and managing professional entertainers and handling all the technical aspects of an event. It’s our job to make your life easy.
Why work with us?

We deliver. We have been in the industry now for over 15 years. This means that we avoid the common pit falls that can spoil your event and play havoc with your budget.

We love working with people and we listen. Every job begins by us discussing with you your production and entertainment requirements, as well as your objectives and the demographic of those attending the event. This enables us to understand your needs and come up with the best solutions.